PERIOD 2 - 2001-2005

The year 2001 is, perhaps, the most important year in the history of Paribartak Sanskritik Sangha. In this year, Paribartak built up its future. It finally decided to expand its course of work throughout the world, not just in some districts of West Bengal, India. The silence that was prevailing from 1999, was broken with new visions, goals, administrative structure and continuous course of actions. It decided not to remain just a cultural organization that arranges a cultural program every year and remains silent in the rest of the year. Rather, it prepared to become a cultural organization that works intensively throughout the year amongst its members and different areas. The sense of culture did not remain bound under the concept of performing arts. Culture, under the new and better understanding, included application of logic, perfection in carrying out of jobs, capturing informative knowledge, being aware of the global and national events and situations, building up taste for different cultural products, developing good communication power, having some knot with the mother culture and practicing performing arts.

On September 16, 2001, a meeting was held at HO by some members of Paribartak Sanskritik Sangha. Then, the organization established 5 Formations under it - Theatre Formation, Band Formation, Education Formation, Research Formation and Inspection Formation. The organizational structure that CFP carries today was adopted on that day by Paribartak Sanskritik Sangha; now, CFP inherits it. Apart from these Formations, the Branch of Howrah was formed with the members living therein and that Paribartak would establish several number of Branches and sub-units in different places with higher and higher number of members was decided. Accordingly, the administration of the organization experienced an enormous change in its set up. Presently, CFP has no Branches. What CFP does today, was started by Paribartak Sanskritik Sangha in the period 2001-2005 (except Project Paribartak).

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