Why should there be Changers' Foundation Paribartak?

Sociocultural evolution cannot be controlled enough to produce desirable results. But, it can be influenced through conscious actions. When there is much scope of debate on what are the 'desirable' results, there is hardly any debate on that we need 'conscious efforts' to influence the evolution. So, the primary need is to be 'conscious'. CFP aims to build up consciousness but it strictly avoids to provide its targeted beneficiaries any readymade solution to any problem or any kind of unique ideological foundation that may solve all problems.

E.g., CFP can arrange a discussion for exchange of information and theories on environmental degradation. It would facilitate discussion with arguments and counter-arguments, it would welcome views of both environmentalists and non-environmentalists, but it would not announce any dictum on who/what is right and who/what is wrong. After going through the discussions, different participants can take different stances on the issues. But, whatever stance they take, that would at least be their informed choices, not based on stylized facts or hoaxes.

Since CFP observed that no other organized effort has been taken up in its immediate neighbourhood to serve this purpose of developing 'consciousness', CFP has originated.