What does CFP perceive as Cultural Development?

By Cultural Development, CFP means that people get more acquainted to information and theories to make informed choices and that they become more skilled in using their knowledge in taking practical decisions.

Essential ingredients a cultured person should have, as CFP thinks, include, among other traits, - self-respect, balanced confidence, endless flexibility, unhindered self-assessment, unfettered eagerness for self-improvement, courage to protest, desire for justice, moral strength, tolerance, respect to racial, cultural, religious, ethnical, economic and gender differences, and taste for all kinds of artistic and literary works.

Thus, cultural development requires six-fold improvement:

1. More acquaintance with Information and Theories;

2. Stronger Conscience;

3. Greater liberty from Prejudices & more reliance on Scientific thinking;

4. Better emotional integrity;

5. More skill in actions; and

6. More active social, political and artistic life.

Note: By cultural development, CFP never means that a person should become westernized. CFP opposes westernization. On the other hand, CFP is not focused up on promoting indigenous or tribal cultures although it principally supports such promotional activities.