Who can participate in the activities of CFP?

Anybody. But, it is desirable that you can access the office of CFP somewhat regularly, say, once every Sunday evening.

If you want to join CFP, contact CFP.

When you join CFP first, you will be assigned the status Associate (Honorary). To become an Associate (Honorary), you just need to provide CFP some information about yourself. You will not need to pay anything to CFP. You will be invited to selected programs of CFP.

After you find that you can participate regularly in CFP activities and after CFP finds the same, CFP will offer you to become an Associate (General). An Associate (General) is similar to Associate (Honorary) except that you can now access more day-to-day information and participate in many discussions related to the organization.

After it is found that you are quite serious about your participation in CFP and that you have a good social reputation and that you are performing satisfactorily in your professional and familial life, you can become a PPP (Participant in Project Paribartak). A PPP enjoys almost all the privileges of a Member. A PPP has to make a mandatory monthly contribution to the CFP fund.

If it is found that a PPP understands and supports the objectives of the organization fully and shows long-term commitment towards the organization, the PPP may become a Member. It is very important that a Member practices the recommended actions regularly. A Member has to pay regular monthly subscriptions to CFP.

If a person is below 18 years of age, (s)he will join CFP as an Associate (Kid). (S)he can become an Associate (Honorary) of CFP only after attaining 18 years of age.

All those who want to participate in the theatres of Theatre Formation Paribartak have to become Associates (Honorary) of CFP as well and participate regularly in the CFP programs when called.

In CFP, there is a mechanism of keeping constant surveillance over its Participants. If a participant is found sex-hungry or having bad social reputation and causing troubles to other participants in CFP, CFP can detect it and in that case, CFP immediately/slowly drops that participant from its activities. This is why CFP is a safe place for participants of all ages and of both sex.