Theatre Formation Paribartak (TFP) is a group of theatre situated at Howrah, West Bengal, India.

It produces theatres in Bengali, English and Hindi.

TFP produces Proscenium theatres, Street theatres, Intimate theatres and Site-Specific theatres.

Most of the theatres produced by TFP are One-Act plays which last 40-60 minutes. TFP also produces short theatres of duration 15-40 minutes. A very few of its theatres are over one hour long or full-length.

TFP presents its theatres in Theatre Festivals, Theatre Competitions, Office Programs, Street Corner gatherings, Local Cultural Programs in festive seasons and in own theatre shows.

TFP presents its theatres mostly in call-shows, in own programs and as participation in the theatre fests organized by Paschim Banga Natya Sangha of which TFP is a member team.

Apart from producing theatres, TFP organizes Theatre Training Workshops.

TFP is a sister-organization of Changers' Foundation Paribartak. Since its inception in September 2001, TFP was a part of Changers' Foundation Paribartak. Since May 2005, it has been working independently. It was registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 in December 2009. Its registration number is S/1L/65807 of 2009-2010.

Avoiding Attribution

In general, TFP prefers to avoid individual attribution. It avoids to mention the names of directors, peformers and back-stage workers of its theatre productions.

No payment to theatre workers

TFP does not pay for working in its theatres. TFP's activities are not supported by grants. Only sources of revenue to TFP are Member Subscriptions, Donations, Sale of Tickets, Call-Show Honorariums and Sale of its Membership Forms.

Why theatre?

TFP, through its theatre productions, aims to povide support in fulfilment the objectives of Changers' Foundation Paribartak. This means that, for TFP, theatre is an instrument to bring the changes desired by Changers' Foundation Paribartak. Besides, TFP builds up a scope of engagement for those who love to participate in theatre production teams and for those who want to learn theatre. Also those who want to explore their possibilities in theatre participate in TFP's theatre productions. TFP has a particular way to accommodate them in its production teams.


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